In 2023, what concerns the digital environment and sales from the catalogue, e-commerce and online stores has changed radically. We could say that convenience is now a fundamental point in these circumstances and that potential customers need to feel at ease during a purchase, having complete trust in that particular virtual store, also offering their payment information.

This is why nowadays the majority of companies need more digital media with which to contact customers precisely because a significant part of their earnings comes from digital.

Indeed, in e-commerce, purchasing, carrying out transactions and therefore satisfying customer expectations constitute an integrated omnichannel experience. If one or two of these elements are missing, the entire online environment could very well break down and head towards ruin.

Omnichannel digital orders are platforms where customers and potential customers can view details, make purchases and communicate through platforms or social networks like: WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram or Facebook.

Another fundamental element is the feature of the platform you choose since the latter must give the possibility of making purchases anywhere and from all devices with the only need to have an Internet connection. Just for this reason, today we would like to describe to you what omnichannel digital orders are and how you can optimize the sales of the products in your virtual catalogue.

What advantages does omnichannel digital sales offer?

Omnichannel digital orders have one main advantage: the ability to purchase products anywhere and from any device. In addition to this, they also have other equally advantageous features:

1) Increase in sales

One of the main advantageous elements of having an omnichannel virtual catalog is the possibility of increasing sales quickly. This means that you will be able to connect more channels to your virtual catalog giving customers and potential customers the opportunity to place orders directly from there or from your WhatsApp number, leading to a greater sales reach.

2) Improved customer experience

In general, the experience felt by the customer is improved as they finally have the possibility to choose where, how and when they wish to receive the products, with their preferred payment method, communicating as they see fit. These elements are essential for sales.

3) Greater marketing opportunities

With the Callbell Shop catalog you will have the possibility to save the data of each individual customer, accessing them whenever you want. Undoubtedly this autonomy creates invaluable marketing opportunities, with data useful for the creation of specialized campaigns.

4) Greater efficiency

Giving your business a virtual catalog from which customers can place quick orders is definitely the best way to be efficient. Imagine that any number of users are able to access your catalogue, placing orders directly from the WhatsApp number where they can specify their needs and preferred payment method. All you have to do is ship the purchased products, increasing the efficiency rate of your company.


Omnichannel digital orders, optimizing sales from your virtual catalogue

Simplify your operations through digital orders coming from your virtual catalog with Callbell Shop

Callbell Shop is a service capable of offering a virtual catalog where you will have the opportunity to add products or services and sell them anywhere. With Callbell Shop you can use the services of any shop by receiving orders directly on your WhatsApp number. The most important advantage is that it is free and you have to create your online store in just 7 minutes.

Once the account and the virtual catalog have been created, simply add the products you want to sell, entering your social media data and starting to receive orders directly on your WhatsApp Business account. By doing this, you will be able to streamline and facilitate operations, optimizing sales from your virtual catalogue.

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